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12A – AAHTM4906GF20218
Valid from – 14th Oct 2021

  • Dehradun Community School

    “Every Child has the Right to Good Quality Education” Education is the tool capable of shaping minds and transforming lives. Every child on Earth, irrespective of his/her financial background has

  • School for Rural Children

    The lack of infrastructure and resources in rural schools hinders the development of otherwise talented children in the villages. To overcome this gap between need and feed, we have set

  • Awareness of Menstrual Hygiene

    “Menstrual hygiene can be a matter of life and death.” God created females differently giving them the bigger share of pain. This pain gets even worse in the case of

  • An Initiative for Better Medical Facilities

    “Access to proper medical facilities is a Fundamental Human Right”

  • Footwear Bank

    Shoes have often been an overlooked necessity. People need food, water, clothes and medicine, but shoes seldom make it to the list of essentials. Even so, it is not difficult to

  • Books and Stationery Bank

    Although education is supposed to be a Fundamental Right, it still remains a distant dream for many children in India. “Education should be accessible to all if democracy is to

  • Clothes Bank

    “Cold does not kill people, Lack of Clothing does” Winters can be very harsh especially in northern India. On chilling winter nights when most of us are cuddled up in

  • Fight Against Malnutrition

    “Hunger isn’t About Lack of Food. The Earth produces enough food for Every man, woman, and child on the planet.” It’s just that this food never makes it to the

Our Charity Projects

This is the way we contribute to society, You can too. Check our different initiatives to help children, women, and anyone in need, and be an effect to a cause and involved in helping others too. 

"No one has ever gotten poor by giving"

A little contribution can make big differences.